performance product range

The products of this segment increase engine performance and provide substantial improvements. They are tested in laboratory and proved on the road.

The product range


The cooling circuit's job is to keep the engine at the right temperature. If anything hinders efficient heat transfer such as scale deposits, corrosion sets in and will affect the cooling circuit. Ultimately that can cause engine damage. If used appropriately, the radiator can help the cooling circuit work uninterruptedly to its full capacity. Two products, which are now available in Zambia, have been designed to accomplish that and these are the radiator cleaner and radiator sealant.

  • radiator cleaner
    Radiator Cleaner 300 ml

    Eliminates fur and rust. Flushes cooling-circuit deposits. Extends cooling-circuit life. Compatible with antifreezes and coolants. Adapted for all types of radiators.

  • radiator sealant
    Radiator sealant 300ml

    Stops all leaks permanently. Restores all types of cooling-circuits. Protects against corrosion. Harmless to radiator hoses, gaskets and iron alloys. Adapted for all types of radiators.


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